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Zindagi Aa Rahe Hain Hum - 2nd 1SB1 555 Concert - Tribute to Laxmikant-Pyarelal

event type Concert
Garland, Texas
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We provide the Businesses an affordable option to support local talents by sponsoring our FANSIAL Network Meetup Events and Concerts - watch this video https://youtu.be/FvDfsYYQpqw
This event is sponsored by https://www.smilesofirvingdental.com and https://www.etsy.com/shop/FineoryxArtStudio 

Note: This is a Ticketed Show in an Indian restaurant - you can enjoy Delicious Dinner with 4-5 hours of Bollywood Level5 Singing - that would appear closest to the Original Singers.
Season Pass for 1 person - all 4 months: $40/person
Those who want to enjoy single or with Family:
1 person $15
family of 2 $20
up to family of 4 $30
For Walk-in audience the host Sigree Grill will charge $5 Extra.
If you want to avoid the extra charge - Zelle the amount to events@4fanz.com in advance
Note: This is not an Any Body Can Sing Event. 12 top performers of DBP's 1 Se Badhkar 1 Group will perform for about 5 hours.
You must buy tickets to watch this event.
5 hours - 5 composers and 5 months - 555 - Here is the video of our previous month's event Tribute to RDB - https://www.youtube.com/playlist... - Expect the same quality of singing. Ticketed Show with top of the line Bollywood Performers - 12 toppers of 4FANZ-Studio-Performers will perform for up to 5 hours. Each comes with their own strength. Two professional anchors RJ Rizwan and RJ Swati will keep you engaged with their impromptu talents on a Sunday Evening. All are planned songs - super hits of the composer. Solos and Duets. Restaurant Environment. Complementary Indian Tea provided by our Restaurant Hosting Partner Sigree Grill, who also caters for Wedding and Parties. Dinner is available on Purchase. Singers will use Tracks for singing. It is a Sunday evening and the capacity of Restaurant is 100. So, if 40 families RSVP and buy Tickets, we will stop selling Tickets. So, if you love quality Bollywood Music and are a die hard Bollywood Fan - this even is for you. Season Tickets are selling fast. There are more fans and less seats. So, we started selling about 12 days before the show. You can zelle $40 to events@4fanz.com ASAP and we have to refund you when 100 seats are filled up. Single Show Tickets are $15/show. For families, we have great discounts - for a family of 2 - $20 and for family of 4 - it is $30. If you love Biriyani or Indian Dinner with Family on a Sunday evening with top class Bollywood Performances - https://youtu.be/DKl5rTxvuwc if you have any question about the event or sponsorship details - WhatsApp or Text at +1-972-948-8978. Once you Zelle the amount you will be receiving a confirmation if 100 seats are not filled up. We will refund the amount and declare the event as sold out on our website as soon as 100 seats are taken. If you are new to the name DBP - just search Dallas Bollywood Performers and sign up our meetup. Do not miss a single DBP event. 
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Zindagi Aa Rahe Hain Hum - 2nd 1SB1 555 Concert - Tribute to Laxmikant-Pyarelal

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