Know Your Members - WhatsApp Validation

The world is replete with bad guys and they can not see our happiness. When we plan events for happiness, they will target your personal data or money to harm you. So, we have to find a way to keep them away from our surroundings.

It is important to validate WhatsApp Cellphone numbers and here is the policy.

Those who want their number to be validated - we will propose a fund transfer of  an amount of less than $1 - it muct be in fraction like 0.2, 0.31 , 0.39 using Zelle (if USA) or any other currency. If the number changes, re-validation of the new number needed. After you register, the admin will add a fraction number against your phone and once you zelle that to events [at] 4fanz dot com - it will be marked as verified. This is a one time verification code and the intention is to verify that the amount is from the person who got a bank account with same name.

They must have attended our meetups or events or referred by a member. Any unknown and unseen person even if paid, won't be added to group.

They will be expelled from group if they do not follow code of conduct or impersonate other members and make fake calls.

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